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Kelly Gordon

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On this week’s podcast episode, listen in to hear 7-figure entrepreneur, Kelly Gordon’s inspiring story of overcoming incredible challenges, and learn her 4 stages of business growth, along with how to identify which one you’re in!

The Brave Files

Communication is key. We can’t address a problem if we don’t know what the problem is. Writing and talking helps us identify those problems.

Databowl: B2C Lead Gen

In the latest instalment of the B2C Lead Generation podcast we were lucky to be able to have a chat with Kelly Gordon, founder of the highly successful Lead Gen Agency Dapper Codes to talk about what it takes to build and run a lead gen agency.

The Lead King Podcast

After enduring massive adversity dating back to her childhood, Kelly started a digital marketing agency from nothing and grew her business to over seven figures. She shares how she got started, how she built her agency, her theory on different types of pricing models and much more! You will want to listen to the entire episod so you can get to know her story and learn how you can work with her personally!

The Unmistakable Creative

Kelly Gordon shares her inspiring story of how she went from growing up in an abusive home to building her own digital agency and finally, teaching others how to communicate like her. Learn how her autism counter-intuitively helps her communicate as well as how, through grit and resilience, she turned the hardships of her childhood into bountiful blessings.

Mastermind Your Life

Kelly Gordon is the CEO & Founder of Cyberpreneur Inferno which is a team dedicated to allowing you to step into your fullest potential when it comes to starting, growing, or scaling your digital marketing agency so you can consistently enroll your dream clients into your digital agency services.

Operation agency freedom

Running an agency is not always a walk in the park, but it doesn’t have to be a burden either. If you envision an agency that wins big and becomes more profitable, stop believing the myth that having more sales will solve all your problems. Instead, turn your focus on the stuff that’s most neglected or what I like to call the non-sexy side of running an agency. If you’re an agency owner looking for the answer on how to make your agency profitable and grow massively, this is the episode for you!

marketing mastery talkshow

Marketing Mastery Talk show episode 4 gave us the incredible opportunity to talk to Kelly Gordon and understand exactly how to run a 7 figure agency. Watch as wee deep dive into tactics of running a digital marketing agency & how Kelly has turned to coaching to help other marketing agency owners succeed.


Kelly has successfully created a new pay-per-lead (PPL) division of her agency, Dapper Codes. 

Listen as she talks through how to monetize leads from front end to back end as well as making the jump to PPL

Strategic Advisory Board

Kelly Gordon is the founder of Dapper Codes, LLC, a digital lead generation agency based out of Greenville, SC. sells leads to national B2C companies using the Pay Per Lead (PPL) model.. She is also the founder and CEO of Cyberpreneur Inferno, an education hub that teaches digital agency owners how to double their agency’s revenue in 100 days.

Feature In Red X Magazine

I first met Kelly Gordon almost two years ago. I was just launching Imperium Authority, my public relations agency. Although I was passionate about overdelivering for my clients and becoming a high profile success, I felt stuck. As Christmas 2020 approached, I drifted toward thinking negatively and considered throwing in the towel.

Quoted In Brainz Magazine

“Another crucial aspect to messaging effectively is projecting credibility and catering to the “what’s in it for me?” mindset of prospects, says Kelly Gordon, a lead generation expert and founder of Dapper Codes, a digital marketing agency.”

YAHOO! Finance

The Triangulation Method highlights the significance of having a strategy behind marketing efforts and the need for seamless alignment between branding, marketing, sales, and fulfillment. The model aims to unify the branding, marketing, and sales efforts across the entire customer journey, optimizing each stage of the customer journey to drive more sales and better customer experiences.

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