The 8-month Intensive Mentorship Program.

Get access to everything you need to win, impress, & retain 
high-quality clients (…without working 8 days a week)!

So you’re a digital agency owner eh?
I know where you’re at…

  • Feast and famine cycles are messing up your income (…and emotions) 
  • You never know where your next lead is coming from or 100% sure of your next move
  • You’re so tired of spinning plates that scaling your agency feels 100,000 miles away
  • You’ve taken a program before that promised the world but left you frustrated 

Hi! I’m Kelly Gordon 

Nice to (e-)meet you.
I’m the Founder & CEO of  Cyberpreneur Inferno… 

Break Free From The Burnout Cycle And Level Up Your Agency

I assume you started a digital agency for more money and freedom? But somehow you got LESS of both, MORE stress, and your monthly income is as predictable as a wild horse drinking Red Bull!

BUT becoming a fully-booked agency with dream clients, consistent income, and rock-solid processes isn’t as far off as you think. You just need a proven methodology to remove the chaos, freeing you to stop spinning your wheels 24/7 and start getting what you really want from your agency.


Cyberpreneur Inferno gives you the personal attention, processes, systems, mindset, and accountability to create a masterful agency that’s set up to win, impress, and retain customers. And when that happens, you’re free to scale up & boost your income!

So… you could spend 10,000 hours learning this the hard way through trial and error. Or you could join me – and other digital agency owners – to level up your agency (and life!) with a PROVEN methodology. Together we will rebuild your agency for success – layer by layer. Nobody gets left behind.

But I’ve taken a program before
and it didn’t work out…

 I hear you! Many programs dump the material on your lap and leave you hanging… That’s NOT what this is.
Cyberpreneur Inferno is the real deal!

Get the training, personal attention, resources, and accountability to help you scale your agency
with proven processes that don’t eat up all of your time, energy, and sanity! 

Here’s what’s included in the program...

Get Personal Attention With 1-on-1 Battle Plan Calls With Me (Kelly!)

Get the support and strategy you need. One at the start, followed by another every 45 days of the program so that we can create a path for you to follow throughout the program.

Every agency is different so these calls are to help you achieve what YOU want. So where are you right now, and where do you want to go? We’ll get specific on your vision, plan your next steps, and you’ll be held accountable with deadlines to meet in order to turn your vision into a reality.

Stay on Track With 2x Group Mentorship Calls per Week

Keep up the momentum as you absorb key lessons and mindset principles in our group mentorship calls, structured to support the modules as we go through them together with plenty of time for Q&A’s. 

Questions, resistance, and confusion may pop up – that’s part of learning! So bring your Q’s and I’ll bring the A’s to share in an intimate group to help you get past any obstacles.

Keep in Touch 24/7 with Voice & Text Mentorship

You won’t ever feel alone during the program with access to us. We’ll drop wisdom, encouragement, reminders, and announcements throughout the program. 

Distractions happen. So we have an Accountability Coach to keep you up to speed with the program so that you don’t miss any calls or sessions. 

Get Access to My Private
Network Rolodex

Finding a pool of top talent that you trust takes time. So let me save you the headaches! Get access to my extensive list of business owners, freelancers, specialists, and more that are absolutely FANTASTIC at what they do.

They’ve helped me over the years and now they can do the same for you when you need a skill/solution outside of your wheelhouse.

Join a Group of Ambitious Agency Owners Ready to Scale in the Facebook Group Mastermind

Ask a question, share an idea, get feedback, support, or get your motivation fix – whatever you need over the 8 months. The Facebook mastermind serves as an encouraging environment for your success throughout the program.

Get Access To Essential CEO
 Mastery Content

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you must reinvent the wheel for EVERYTHING you do as a digital agency owner. Because you don’t. 

Save yourself the mental overload with access to proven website & funnel templates that convert, organizational charts, department frameworks and much, much more! 

So are you serious about scaling up your agency and
replacing feast and famine cycles with sustainable income and a limitless future?

…Then THIS is the program to make it happen!


Join Cyberpreneur Inferno Full 8-month program

Here’s what’s included:

17 Modules of Digital Agency Mastery

2x Group Mentoring Calls per Week

8x 1-2-1 Battle Plan Calls With Kelly

24/7 Voice & Text Mentorship

Access to My Private Network Rolodex

Group Mastermind

Access To Essential CEO Mastery Content

BONUS: Full Access To Extensive Live Training Content!

The Triple Guarantee
Time & Accountability & Results

Your success is directly proportional to the number of hard conversations you are willing to have.

Hey, me again!

To cut a long story short: The Cyberpreneur Inferno is the program I wish I had when I started my agency 16 years ago…

Like most agency owners I spent YEARS stuck working “in” my business and not “on” it. I kept grinding hoping that the scaling up part would naturally happen. But it didn’t.

Until I broke my agency down layer by layer and reworked EVERYTHING, that’s when I seriously boosted the quality of my service, clients, income… and life!

It takes many things to run a well-oiled digital agency: mindset, systems, and processes all need to be aligned to impress EVERY client so that you achieve a sustainable monthly income.

Each step of your customer journey must be mapped out, ready to go so you’re never left thinking “What do I do now?!”. And that’s what this program teaches you: you’ll always know your next move. And that’s what’s needed to scale up.

Plus, joining this mentorship gives you a huge advantage that I didn’t have when I started my agency: experience, knowledge & accountability! This is a major helping hand to pull you through on the days when you’re stuck or just not feeling 100%. 

I say again: Cyberpreneur Inferno is not a “buy now and CYA LATER and good luck!” kinda program. (Boo to those 👎.)


You’ll have an Accountability Coach to help you progress through every stage, personal
1-on-1 calls with me, and an accountability group at hand.

This is a 8-month intensive program that really does give you everything you need to scale your agency. Now… you just need to show up each day and make it happen!

So is Cyberpreneur Inferno right
for you?

I’m a digital agency owner and I’m SERIOUS about scaling up and making a sustainable monthly income.

I’m a digital agency owner and I’m SERIOUS about scaling up and making a sustainable monthly income.

 I will commit to this program 100% and apply the lessons in every module and take action to achieve the personal goals set for me.

I’ll be respectful when mixing with other digital agency owners in the program and commit to helping them (as they’ll be helping me too!).

I will attend the group coaching calls, 1-2-1 Battle
Plan Sessions, and I’ll contribute to the Facebook
Group Mastermind.

I WANT to be in the Cyberpreneur Inferno and I’m DETERMINED to achieve my vision of success! 

Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell: the #1 goal is to double your business’s bank account in 100 days – which plenty of participants have achieved (watch the testimonials below).

We’re confident you can achieve this too, as long as you turn up to the Battle Plan Calls, group calls, and apply what you’re learning.

We can’t guarantee success as it’s up to you to apply what you learn, and each individual’s vision of success defined at the start of the program is different. Rest assured though, the Accountability Coach and 1-2-1 Battle Plans are included to do everything we can to help you achieve YOUR vision of success!

There are 1000’s of programs out there focused on tactics… and tactics only. But we are teaching you MUCH more than tactics to level up your agency.

Cyberpreneur Inferno  is essentially turning you into a CEO. And this requires frameworks and a whole new mindset and approach. 

So tactics aren’t enough to make this transformation – 8 months of mentorship will ease you into this new way of working that will completely transform your agency so that it can scale and grow… without you needing to work in your sleep.

Absolutely. We have agency owners enrolled in the program from all over the world. It makes no difference where you are based. This program is the full package to help you win, impress, & retain high-quality clients.

Of course! We are teaching you a whole new way of working so it makes perfect sense for your business partner to learn and grow with you, saving you from having to relay everything you’ve learned back to them each week.

It’s step by step but we go MUCH deeper than just clicking through to the next step, and now… the next step etc.

We move through each of the 4 stages of an agency as we show you how to master each of them. With a proven framework and methodology, Battle Plan Calls, and  group coaching calls every week – you get everything you need to support you as you learn how to succeed in all areas of a digital agency.

That’s a big problem with most online programs but not this one…

You’ll have an Accountability Coach to contact throughout the 6 months. And your first step will be to set goals to achieve by the 30th, 60th, and 90th day of the program. 

Then we follow up with your first Battle Plan Call (with Kelly) within 7-10 days, where you’ll be assigned 3 pillars that you must complete by specific dates. Your Accountability Coach will be checking in with you to make sure that you’re on track and have everything you need to succeed.

There’s an endless list of programs out there but they’re heavily focused on tactics and tactics only. 

The Cyberpreneur Inferno is the full package for digital agency mastery, no matter what stage you’re at. It covers all areas – going beyond tactics – so that you can win, impress, and retain high-value customers. Because you need to ace all areas if you’re serious about scaling your agency. Learning tactics to master one area isn’t enough.

A mix of both. There is a group call once per week, lasting around two hours; this is where we dive into the modules together with Q&A’s.

Your 8 Battle Plan Calls with Kelly are 90-120  minutes long, giving you plenty of time to get clear on your goals and a strategy to achieve them.

Chatbots, branding, and lead gen etc. are all tactics. This program is strategic and unlocking – teaching you essential business fundamentals to SCALE your agency. This program will not teach you tactics to improve chatbots or branding etc.

So yes, this program will help you grow your agency – regardless of your niche.




Apply for access to the know-how and repeatable processes
 that win, impress, and retain high-quality clients
(…without you spinning plates 24/7).

The Triple Guarantee
Time & Accountability & Results