Blending Backbone with Heart

Kelly Gordon is the definition of being good at unusual things + letting her freak flag fly!

She turned growing up autistic + gay in an emotionally abusive home with a mother who had Borderline Personality Disorder into a strength.

How? By making it her mission to become amazing at communication, connection and emotional intelligence, and to help other do the same.

Without a 4-year degree, Kelly founded a 7-figure digital agency & consulting company serving a mix of clientele from home grown entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.

Where most businesses go wrong in creating consistent profit
& growth is they don’t have a blueprint for positioning their
expertise to attract consistent, ideal clients.

Therefore, they rely on referrals, are afraid to lose existing clients, and aren’t making enough money for the time spent.

In order to create that consistent profit & growth in their business (and stop spinning their wheels wondering where the next client is coming from), they must have a blueprint for positioning themselves as the clear expert to their ideal clients, so they can end the feast or famine cycle.

When you’re able to position as the clear expert to your ideal clients, you experience new levels of not only consistency in bringing the RIGHT clients, but confidence that you’re creating fantastic results. This is where the Business Freedom is accessed.

The best way to position yourself as the expert and create consistent profit in your business through a combination of my 4×4 Methodology and Triangulation Method, which is designed to be your go-to blueprint to give you direction and diagnosis of the problem in yoru business, so you can easily know your EXACT next steps.

Your success is directly proportional to the number
of hard conversations you are willing to have.

Kelly Gordon

CEO & Founder of Dapper Codes, LLC

Ready To Align & Synergize
Your Business for Growth?

Kelly Gordon

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